By Laura Neary


My trembling hand in God’s hand–

I cannot slip.

Not my strength, but His

Keeps me in His grasp.


I faint and groan, pressed hard

By afflictions.

His power alone

Guards me from all storms.


He will not let me go.

True to His Word,

God molds, refines me

Into Christ’s image.


Oh, blessed child of the King,

Be quiet and rest,

Confident and safe

In His perfect love.




By Laura Neary

Longing for Jesus

I wait in His presence

Needing more of Him to navigate life’s pitfalls,

Gaining His wisdom

Ever aware that our

Resurrected Savior


Watches over us,

Infusing us with His power,

Truth, and grace.

He protects His own–


Justified, sanctified, and glorified,

Even blameless–

Simply His children,

Unreproveable and forgiven,

Seated in heavenly places with Him.



By Laura Neary

May the Lord who loves you

Ever hold you in the hollow of His hand

Righteousness, undeserved, yet imputed to you

Captivate you with God’s matchless grace

Your life, your heart secure in Christ.



By Laura Neary

The peace of my LORD surrounds me today,

His loving presence close by me to stay.

From thorns and sorrows He brings forth the rose.

By holding my hand, His love in me, He sows.


Though worries of life may pummel my soul,

He shows me each day just what is His role.

I fall to my knees before Him to pray.

I give Him my heart, content with His way.


What more could I ask than all He has done?

By giving His life, my victory He won.

Through faith in His Word, I’ll walk by His side.

Complete in His love, He’ll call me His bride.



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